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Lie low and chill out

Vintage bamboo tray, $65 at Veritables, Seattle, veritablesdecor.com. Oval oak decanter, $38, and oil and vinegar bottles, $32, at Click! Design That Fits, Seattle, clickdesignthatfits.com. Moroccan weave wool carpet in a honeycomb pattern, $2,200 at Stacy Logan, Seattle, stacylogan.com. Big Sur table, $565 at Capers, Seattle, caperscapers.blogspot.com. { pillows } Mongolian lamb pillow, $59, Kantha pillow cover, $24, knotted felt pillow cover, $39, and Cozy pillow cover, $34 all at West Elm, westelm.com. Fiber Art pillow, $128 at Anthropologie, anthropologie.com. { plants } Hoya Ovata and Spider hanging plants, $22 each, Golden Pothos plant (foreground), $41 at The Palm Room, Seattle, thepalmroom.com. White ceramic pots, $15.99 and $16.99 at Ravenna Gardens, Seattle, ravennagardens.com.

Design Bit


Modern innovations boast about high-definition this and super-resolution that. It s time to go old-school, we say! (Well, as old as you can get in the tech industry.) Sure we only have to cycle back a few decades, but the beauty of 8-bit is back in full force. We re happy to see the design world embrace pixels. These charming little cubes can give any piece a new flourish like never before. Check out some of our favorite pixel picks.

Filling Spaces

“Every day I wake up and think this is the dream I have been dreaming.” Itclear that Deepali Kalia, the owner of Filling Spaces, loves her job.


The shop, which opened in Portland eight months ago, is filled with colorful fabrics, which Kalia turns into custom products and exclusive pieces for homeowners. She works exclusively with natural materials and adds embellishments by hand. Filling Spaces also carries furniture upholstered with Kaliatextiles, plus lighting to create a one-stop shop of sorts for interior designers.

Growing up in India, Kalia was always surrounded by elaborately colored textiles. Her inventory at Filling Spaces is eclectic, appealing to a wide range of tastes, but the one common thread is color —and lots of it. Drawing from her upbringing, Kalia packs Filling Spaces with saturated hues and patterns. Chevron, ikat, and tribal-influenced designs are big now, and Kalia also designs vintage-style fabrics with her sister, who lives in India. One of her favorite pieces in her shop now is a bench upholstered in vintage sari fabric.

» Filling Spaces, 935 N.W. 19th, Portland, fillingspaces. com

Filling Spaces

Cloth & Goods

Melissa Newirth, an interior designer, stylist, and textile collector, has been told that her sense of style is so good that she can pick out a design before it becomes a trend. Her impeccable taste is now showcased in her new online shop, Cloth & Goods.

The store carries selected homewares and exclusive pieces from local and global artists. Newirth strives to maintain a focus on “keeping it simple” throughout her offerings and work.

Cloth & Goods, Portland, clothandgoods.com

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